aspires toward an American architecture that integrates development, design and construction. We design and build durable and affordable buildings that gain integrity as they age and pay tribute to their context. Our preference for working with materials best suited to our region has led us to support the use of bamboo and wood as affordable and sustainable construction alternatives to steel and drywall. is based in Washington DC, where we densify the district with healthy and sustainable pop-ups, bump-outs, rowhouses, houses, tiny houses and apartment buildings. We serve our vulnerable yet vibrant home neighborhood of Anacostia and we support the historic preservation-focused missions of groups like the Historic Anacostia Preservation Society, the Historic Anacostia Block Association and the L’Enfant Trust.

America’s story is embedded in our nation's built environment, and learning from our surroundings is essential to society’s future success. We respect the foundational figures of American Architecture: Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Jackson Davis, Andrew Jackson Downing, Henry Hobson Richardson, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Kahn, the Whites and Grays and Silvers, and David Salmela. We thank our past employers and our many teachers. is an architecture studio started by  Jack Becker and Andrew Linn in 2013.